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Oddity Stool

This multifunctional, handcrafted stool is the new oddity in your home. Like the handwoven fabric which the stool is made of, it has its own life. Get ready to experiment with functions, colors, and curiosity. All the stools are unique in their own way – no stool is alike. You can sit on it, lay on it, rest your feet on it, use it for books, or just as a decorative piece. Stine Skytte’s motto is: “Everything is made to be used” – that’s why her main focus is creating beautiful everyday pieces which the customer is not afraid to touch or break. It’s made of handwoven fabric consisting of different materials like wool, cotton, and linen. The inside of the stool is padded with soft foam, so the stool is comfortable to sit on – but not so soft that you can’t sit upright. The bottom and the legs of the stool are made of wood.

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